02 Mar. 21


Ross is the founder and owner of SAV Technologies, with great technical knowledge and practical skills in all aspects of the Audio-visual Industry. An Advanced technician by trade, Ross started his career in the media technology world working for companies like the ABC and smaller news and TV corporations. His love for vision and sound then transitioned him into the events world, where he spent five years working as a professional touring audio visual engineer. His passion, although still standing for the industry, has now merged into the world of custom audio and visual installations in the form of his company “SAV Technologies”.

What started out as a quick side hustle job installing 12v car audio, and home hifi theatre systems has now sprung into the professional custom audio visual business. Ross has designed and installed multiple different forms of AV technology including professional club sound and lighting systems, commercial audio, visual, intercom, LED screens and advertising and even custom and specific design MATV (Master Antenna Television), audio systems, lighting systems, projector and vision systems and much more.

His passion comes from working with clients to help transform what could seem like a basic need into an expression of creativity. From the most basic forms of installations to high end corporate systems, Ross always works with your budget and timeline in mind. Cafes, restaurants, pubs, gyms, exercise studios, car parks, churches, offices, warehouses and more can all be transformed with the aid of SAV Technologies.

SAV TECH’s main goal is to create a more personal and customised experience within the AV world. Technology is such a huge part of everyday life and believes that every AV system should have more than just one purpose, and it shows within the company’s work. You can really tell when it’s a SAV Technologies job.